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Introducing your Tutor Reps for 2022

·// December 21, 2021

What’s the Tutor Rep scheme?

The rep scheme exists to open up the lines of communication between tutors and MyTutor. By meeting with 6 elected tutors each month, it’s a chance for us to hear about the things that matter to you most, and for you to feel represented, have your voice heard, and get to know other tutors on the platform. We trialled it from March to October 2021, and are thrilled to be relaunching it for January 2022.

Who are the reps?

Maylin is studying Medicine at Manchester University, and has completed 50 lessons on MyTutor since she joined in 2021. She tutors Maths, English and Science from KS2 up to GCSE, and works across the school and private side of MyTutor.



Shakil studies Mathematics & Economics at London School of Economics, and joined MyTutor in 2020. In that time, he’s completed almost 250 maths lessons, both in schools and privately.



Meg is studying English Literature at Durham University, has been teaching school and private students since joining MyTutor in 2020. She’s completed over 350 English lessons, from KS2 all the way up to A Level.



Callum is taking a Masters in Biomedical Engineering at Bristol University, and has completed almost 400 lessons on MyTutor since joining in 2019. Working across both platforms, he tutors Maths, Further Maths and Physics.



Katie is studying Sustainable Development at St Andrews University, and is a Geography, Art and History of Art tutor with us.  She’s completed over 100 lessons since she joined in 2020, and works across the school and private side of MyTutor.



Eryn studies Management with International Business and Economics at Manchester University, and tutors Chemistry, Biology and Maths from KS2 up to GCSE. She’s completed over 250 school and private lessons on MyTutor since she joined in 2020.


How were they selected?

Applications were open to all tutors, and after answering some questions and submitting a video, submissions were handed over to this year’s reps. They shortlisted applications down to 30, which is when we invited all of you to vote for your final 6 in order of preference.

By voting in order of preference, it allowed us to ensure the final 6 tutors represented you all fully – that means a range of subjects taught, working across schools and private lessons, and varying experience on the platform.

How can I get in touch with them?

Make sure to join the Facebook Forum, and post using the hashtag #TutorReps to get their attention. You can also submit things to the Suggestions Box to make sure your voice is heard.

Using your feedback, your reps will write the agenda for their monthly meetings with us. Then they’ll share the meeting notes they take from each session here.

If you have any questions or feedback about this article, we’re all ears. Get in touch via live chat, or at or 0203 773 6024.

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