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The latest from MyTutor: Our new lesson space, The Big Ask & more!

Here’s the latest update on all things MyTutor…

Inclusivity in the classroom 🌈

Last month was Pride, which is a great time to celebrate the triumphs achieved by the LGBTQ+ community – but as well as getting stuck into the revelry and rainbow flags, it’s important to acknowledge the steps we still need to take. When so much of our young lives are spent in classrooms (virtual or otherwise), it’s important to feel represented and included. Therefore, there’s a responsibility for teachers, tutors and mentors to actively help foster these types of environments. Check out our blog post where we asked your fellow tutors how they create an inclusive classroom!

Our shiny new lesson space 💻

The new lesson space is officially available to any tutors on the parent-facing side of the site! There are a whole bunch of improvements and new features to take your lessons to the next level. If you’ve already tried it, we’d love to know your feedback so we can keep improving it (you can find the feedback form on your Bookings page). If you haven’t, you can also head over to your Bookings page, where you’ll notice a toggle to switch over. And School tutors – we haven’t forgotten about you! We’re hoping to roll it out across school lessons during the summer holidays to reduce the risk of disruption.

What are your tutees thinking? 🧠

One of the best things about the tutors on our platform is that you weren’t at school all that long ago yourselves – so we think our upcoming webinar will be a great opportunity to find out what’s on the minds on the school-kids you tutor.

We’re excited to be joined by the new Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza who launched The Big Ask, the biggest ever survey of children in England. Over half a million children took part, sharing their experiences of the pandemic and their hopes for the future. She’ll be discussing what life is like for our school pupils now and what she’ll be doing to represent them over the next six years (plus a Q&A with our audience) – make sure to sign-up!

Our second Tutor Reps meeting 💬

Head over to Facebook to see the latest update from your Tutor Reps. And to get in touch with Shubham, Caps, Chey, Jake, Charlotte and Esme before our next session, you can head over to our Facebook Forum and mark the post with the hashtag #tutorreps

Tutor of the Month✨

Each month we shine the spotlight on a great review. This month we’re shouting out Sam!

“My 14 year old son is really enjoying his lessons with Sam. In two months his English ‘working at’ grade at school has improved by nearly two levels! We asked Sam to focus on how to answer questions fully, with analysis. Sam is clear, thorough, ensures my son has understood before moving on and as a result he’s made excellent progress. I would highly recommend him.” – Lisa, Parent

It could be you next time 👀

MyT’s Tutoring Tips 🎓

This month’s top tutoring tips come from Emma, one of the fab tutors on our platform. Check out her video all about how to encourage interactions in group lessons.

Want more advice on how to be an even better tutor? Head over to MyTutor Academy to take our training modules created by education specialists.

See you next month!

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