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Tutors’ Update: ⛔ recruitment, new reps & webinar (in case you missed it)

With next year just around the corner, it’s time to get future-ready. Here’s your November update, including the tutor webinar recording, recruitment update, and plans for the lesson space. 

Tutor reps are back

A record number of you applied this year, and a group of tutors including previous reps had the tricky job of shortlisting the final 12 before we opened the vote. 

Competition was tough, but after hundreds of votes we’re excited to announce the final 6 reps are Izzi, Si Yeun, Siiriin, Kaydei, Joe and Aisia.  

You’ll be hearing a lot more from them pretty soon in the community. So make sure you’ve joined if you want your voice heard. 

Monthly message from the matching team 💌

What a year! Countless free meetings booked, and plenty of matches between tutors and students made off the back of those. 

Parents have been raving about tutors who do these 3 things in their free meetings (and go on to book lessons with them):

  • Show off the lesson space
  • Ask questions about the student’s learning style
  • Discuss areas of weakness, and how you as the tutor can help 

Coming soon in the lesson space… 

It’s the most upvoted feature request in the community, and PDF lesson space downloads are officially on the product roadmap 🥳

There’s no ETA yet, but now that it’s on the roadmap you can be sure it’s part of the plan for the product’s future. In the meantime you can still download the whiteboard tabs as images. 

Meet MyTutor’s Co-founder and Managing Director

Did you join the tutor webinar last week? It was a great session filled with updates from our Co-founder, Director of Product, and Head of Tutors. 

We spoke about everything from 

  • Pay to pay-as-you-go
  • Lesson demand to learner tools
  • And our new tutor reward scheme 🎉

Recruitment is officially paused 

Why? Because we’ve heard your concerns, and want to give you the best chance of picking up work.

We pressed pause on Friday 17th November, and don’t plan to reopen until the new year. It’ll significantly reduce the number of new tutors joining the platform, which should come as good news for anyone looking to pick up more work. 

Keep boosting and checking our app if you want to take advantage of the temporary recruitment pause. 

That’s it for your November update, but you can keep up with the latest MyTutor news as it happens in the community. 

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