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New release + why we’ve launched tutor training

We’ve recently launched the training academy to help tutors like you get the most out of your work. If you’ve been with MyTutor for a while, you might be wondering why we’ve brought this in. Well, over at MyTutor HQ, we’re inundated with information about what makes successful tutors. From conversations with parents, tutors and all the data we get each day, it’d be greedy if we kept it all to ourselves. Through tutor training, we’re sharing what we know with you – with some input from qualified teachers, the Department for Education and experienced tutors – so you can learn how to be the best tutor you can (and get all the work you need).


Tutor training helps you give better lessons and get more students

Why we built the training academy

🦸🏻‍♂️ Learn from the best

Over the years, tutors have normally planned lessons themselves. They’ve done an amazing job too, helping thousands of students boost their grades and confidence. Like with any skill, they’ve also made mistakes and learnt from them as they’ve tutored. So instead of making you start from scratch when you become a tutor, we’ve collected some of our best tutors’ learned wisdom to pass down do you.

🤖 Listen to the data

In our office, we can also see exciting things like *data traffic*, and *conversion rates*, as well as what sort of tutors get the most bookings (hint – tutors with videos on their profiles get more bookings!). In other words, we have all the handy information that tells us what brings customers to our site, when they book and what makes them book lots of lessons. This is what helps us decide where tutors could do with an extra hand, and therefore where we focus our training modules.

👂 Hear the people

When we sent out a tutor survey last Summer, 75% told us that they’d like us to offer tutor training. You asked, we listened, and here we are!

We also speak to parents lots every day. They tell us what sort of tutor they need for their child and why they need it; why lessons went well and how they could be improved. As a result we’ve got a pretty clear idea of what makes a great lesson and where tutors could do with some more help – so now we’re helping you out.

What’s in it for you

📈 You get more work

So with a bit of data, a load of advice from parents and some of your suggestions too, you should be able to give the best lessons you can and get more work. Have a read here to see what a term’s worth of tutoring can buy you.


Our tutors earn up to £27.50/hour – with the added work our training can help you get, that’a a lot of extra beans.

🏅 It’s more rewarding

You’ll also get more of that warm fuzzy feeling – pride! The better you’re able to help your students, the more fun they’ll have and the more rewarded you’ll feel when they do well. You’re helping kids overcome academic fears and fulfil their potential – that’s pretty cool! We’ve chosen you to be one of our tutors because we think you’re awesome already – and with the tips and tricks in our training modules you’ll be able to unlock your tutor powers that lie within.

Where we’ve started

The bit that tutors were finding hardest was getting parents who booked free meetings to book regular lessons. If you can give really good free meetings, you can unlock the gate to months’ worth of tutoring with a regular student. That’s why we made the training module “Your Free Meeting Toolkit”.


You can access the training academy from your tutor homepage

New release: collaboration with the Department for Education

Sponsored by the government’s Department for Education, we’ve worked with some experienced teachers and top tutors to create the following training modules for you:

  • Lesson planning
  • Wrapping up lessons
  • Building student-tutor relationships

This is also just the start – keep your eyes peeled for more helpful training modules coming up.

Let us know what you think! We’re always keen to hear your feedback – tell us what you’d like us to cover next, and what ways you best like to learn.

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