What can you buy after a month of tutoring?

Posted 16th September 2019

Paying rent, feeding yourself, studying enough and seeing mates – budgeting isn’t always easy when you’re new to adulting.

With MyTutor, students are making up to £26/hour – much more than you’d earn bartending, club promoting or waiting tables.

Last year, our top 50 tutors made an average of £940 in their first month as a tutor. Sound nice? We’ve put into pictures what 940 quid could buy a cash-strapped student of today (spoiler – it’s a lot).


Beans on toast – there are few foods as comforting, quick to make and downright delicious. At 75p a can, your first month’s tutoring could afford you more than a thousand cans of Heinz’s best. Just don’t forget to budget for toast and butter too.


The average pint in the UK currently costs £3.69. So whether 254 pints lasts you a year or a month, you’ll be sorted for a while. Next round on you?


Whether you want a cultural getaway at the end of term, or a 3-day bender with your mates, a city break is a great way to let off some steam. At time of writing, we found return flights to Barcelona for £36. Yes, you could crack out your GCSE Spanish every other weekend for a year. Muy bien!


The long Summer breaks are one of the best parts of being a student. Music festivals are one of the hallmarks of a British Summer, and the king of the festivals is, of course, Glastonbury.

At a hefty £249 each, tickets to the UK’s biggest musical event aren’t cheap. But with your tutoring bucks, you could get 3 tickets to Glastonbury and still have some left over for wellies and a couple of kebabs.


Keeping a roof over your head during uni can be one of the biggest causes of stress. And that’s before bills and everything else. Give yourself peace of mind with tutoring. The average rent cost for a room in a student houseshare in the UK is £406/month (sorry Londoners). So with just a few weeks of tutoring you could be sorted for a couple of months. Keep it going through the year and you’ll feel as safe as houses (sorry).

With your basic costs and a bit of fun sorted, you’ll have more time to focus on the stuff that’ll set you up for life – your degree and your pals.

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