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Reena (Parent) April 30 2017

Great session as always
Elizabeth P. IB English tutor, IB English and World Literature tutor,...
Tutor: Elizabeth P. English and Philosophy, York University

Abu (Student) April 30 2017

great lesson
William A. GCSE Maths tutor, A Level Maths tutor
Tutor: William A. Computing, Imperial College London University

Natalia (Parent) April 30 2017

good explanation
Sophia C.
Tutor: Sophia C. History, Oxford, Hertford College University

Peter (Student) April 30 2017

Excellent preparation for exams! The tuition lessons with Samuel really helped me a lot! Superb effort from his side and Thank you!
Samuel K. GCSE Chemistry tutor, GCSE Computing tutor, A Level Physics...
Tutor: Samuel K. Computer Science, Edinburgh University

Nadene (Parent) April 30 2017

Great session. Taught the topic in great detail so that if there is an exam question being answered, he'll exceed the question's understanding so if a slightly different modification to that question arises in an exam, the student knows what to do in different cases.
Liam R. A Level Maths tutor, GCSE Maths tutor
Tutor: Liam R. Economics, Durham University

Alex (Student) April 30 2017

Was really good at explaining context and further increased my knowledge
Maddy M. GCSE Psychology tutor, A Level Psychology tutor, GCSE Sociol...
Tutor: Maddy M. Psychology, Exeter University

Ci (Parent) April 30 2017

James is a very engaging tutor and is able to explain complex concepts clearly. Highly recommended.
James L. A Level Biology tutor, A Level Chemistry tutor, GCSE Biology...
Tutor: James L. Medical Sciences, Exeter University

Lisa (Parent) April 30 2017

The tutorials help with exam technique and revision
Gowan W. GCSE Chemistry tutor, A Level Chemistry tutor, GCSE Maths tu...
Tutor: Gowan W. Chemistry, Durham University

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