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Dhanalakshmi (Parent) February 21 2017

The class was really well planned. She gave me some great advice and tips for my mock.
Ambareen S. 13 Plus  English tutor, A Level English tutor, 11 Plus En...
Tutor: Ambareen S. English, Exeter University

Emily (Student) February 21 2017

Really good at explaining concepts so that I now I understand the techniques :)
Hayden T. GCSE Chemistry tutor, A Level Chemistry tutor, GCSE Maths t...
Tutor: Hayden T. MChem Chemistry, Warwick University

Anupama (Parent) February 21 2017

A great tutor
Ben S. A Level English Language tutor, GCSE English Language tutor, A...
Tutor: Ben S. Modern Languages, Oxford, St Hugh's College University

Patricia (Parent) February 21 2017

Excellent at explaining maths !
Prina S. GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, A Level Maths tutor, G...
Tutor: Prina S. Environmental Geoscience, Bristol University

Lee (Parent) February 21 2017

My daughter had her first tutorial with João today. He is enthusiastic, was well prepared, knows his subject and is excellent at explaining in simple terms. Great start, thank you.
João D. IB Computing tutor, GCSE Computing tutor, IB ICT tutor, GCSE ...
Tutor: João D. Computer Science, Bath University

Zara (Student) February 21 2017

Very helpful first lesson thank you! Easy to keep up and very enjoyable.
João D. IB Computing tutor, GCSE Computing tutor, IB ICT tutor, GCSE ...
Tutor: João D. Computer Science, Bath University

Heather (Student) February 21 2017

I had a fantastic tutorial with Molly - she was well versed in the topic we were studying, and she walked me through the theoretical concepts and the supporting evidence, stopping to check my understanding and answering all my questions. She was friendly, prepared, and helped me to understand a psychological topic that I knew very little about beforehand. Thank you for a great session!
Molly B. GCSE Psychology tutor, A Level Psychology tutor
Tutor: Molly B. Psychology, Durham University

Lee (Parent) February 21 2017

Alex has been tutoring my daughter, who is home schooled, for a year now. She is patient and supportive, and has been instrumental in identifying the need for and supporting an application for extra exam time. My daughter's confidence has grown and she recently wrote an amazing story, inspired by her work with Alex. Excellent tutor.
Alexandra C. GCSE English tutor, GCSE English Literature tutor, GCSE ...
Tutor: Alexandra C. Primary Education, Durham University

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