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Anais (Student) August 22 2017

All the questions were answered clearly, a great help!
Sophie C. A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, A Level Chemistr...
Tutor: Sophie C. Medicine , Bristol University

Khayam (Student) August 22 2017

Very helpful, works at your pace and gives advice where needed,
Aaron D. A Level Maths tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, A Level Physics tutor...
Tutor: Aaron D. Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, St. Andrews University

Reilly Clarke (Student) August 22 2017

Matthew C. GCSE Maths tutor, A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tuto...
Tutor: Matthew C. Medicine, Bristol University

David (Parent) August 22 2017

Kate P. GCSE English Literature tutor, IB English Literature tutor, A...
Tutor: Kate P. English Literature, Cambridge University

Anais (Parent) August 21 2017

Saakshi was an incredible tutor for several reasons, most notably she came prepared to each lesson with both sample questions and different methods of approaching them. Together she has helped me pin down my main weaknesses and aim at straightening them by offering textbook problems for me to do after out sessions, and even wrote out an answer sheet with the method she used to answer each. Overall, I would highly suggest her as a tutor to all students struggling with organization in study methods as well as to those lacking general knowledge in a given subject. Thank you so much for all of your time and effort, I am forever grateful.
Saakshi B. GCSE Chemistry tutor, A Level Chemistry tutor, GCSE Biolog...
Tutor: Saakshi B. Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos, Cambridge University

Andrew (Student) August 21 2017

Good teaching methods :)
Sachin R. 11 Plus Maths tutor, 13 Plus  Maths tutor, A Level Maths tu...
Tutor: Sachin R. Mathematics, Bath University

Momo (Student) August 21 2017

Laura always helps me understand everything clearly!
Laura K. A Level Chemistry tutor, IB Chemistry tutor, GCSE Chemistry ...
Tutor: Laura K. Chemical Engineering, Bath University

Sonia (Parent) August 21 2017

our first session was really good
Mared B. GCSE Music tutor, A Level Music tutor
Tutor: Mared B. Music, Bristol University

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