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Martina (Parent) October 20 2016

Great lesson, covered lots of topics in depth. I now feel ready for my test.
Nisha A. GCSE Biology tutor, A Level Biology tutor, Mentoring -Medica...
Tutor: Nisha A. Medicine , Birmingham University

Christianah (Student) October 20 2016

Good advice and explanations
Seair Q. A Level Maths tutor, 11 Plus Maths tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, ...
Tutor: Seair Q. Civil Engineering, Nottingham University

Anujin (Student) October 20 2016

Another great tutorial, thank you very much!
Daniel R. A Level Maths tutor, A Level Further Mathematics  tutor, GC...
Tutor: Daniel R. Mathematics, Durham University

Rajan (Student) October 20 2016

Helped a lot with my as level scripts i got back. Helped me understand where my marks were lost and what i could do better next time
Jon S. GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, A Level Economics tutor,...
Tutor: Jon S. Economics & Bioscience, Exeter University

Lynne (Parent) October 20 2016

Really put Georgina at ease and she enjoyed her first session, thank you!
Annabel W. GCSE Maths tutor, A Level Maths tutor, GCSE Chemistry tutor
Tutor: Annabel W. Mathematics , Durham University

Martina (Parent) October 20 2016

Good lesson
Nisha A. GCSE Biology tutor, A Level Biology tutor, Mentoring -Medica...
Tutor: Nisha A. Medicine , Birmingham University

Elizabeth (Student) October 20 2016

A difficult tutorial for me, as I was struggling with the end of a very busy day, but Nina kept me going, despite numerous errors on my behalf! Hopefully the patient repeating by her will pay off. Plenty to listen to on playback.
Nina M. GCSE German tutor, A Level English Language tutor, GCSE Engli...
Tutor: Nina M. Linguistics and English Language, Edinburgh University

Natasha (Parent) October 20 2016

As always excellent! We are so happy with Elizabeth. She is really making a difference.
Elizabeth S. A Level English Literature tutor, GCSE English Literatur...
Tutor: Elizabeth S. English and Related Literature, York University

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