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Charlotte (Student) November 23 2017

Really helpful advice on oxbridge interview.
Subi S. A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, ...
Tutor: Subi S. Medicine, Cambridge University

Yasmin (Student) November 23 2017

Great double session! Was able to cover Maths and Computer Science in 1 day to a great extent! Would definitely recommend
Jacob N. GCSE Computing tutor, A Level Computing tutor, GCSE Maths tu...
Tutor: Jacob N. MEng Computer Science, Warwick University

Sarah (Parent) November 23 2017

Charlotte explains the Maths GCSE questions very well to my daughter Megan, who's in year 11, and makes sure she understands everything before moving on to the next question. She also provides maths questions and previous exam papers which has helped Megan improve in areas she specifically asked for assistance in. They get on extremely well together and Charlotte is friendly and approachable, which makes a big difference.
Charlotte R. GCSE Biology tutor, IB Biology tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, ...
Tutor: Charlotte R. Medicine , Nottingham University

Bobby (Parent) November 23 2017

Great at explaining!
Eleanor F. IB Economics tutor, A Level Economics tutor, GCSE Economic...
Tutor: Eleanor F. Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Oxford, Somerville College University

Zahid (Student) November 23 2017

Great tutor! Explains everything really well.
George B. GCSE Maths tutor, A Level Maths tutor, A Level Further Math...
Tutor: George B. Mathematics, Warwick University

Harriet (Parent) November 23 2017

Anna is a brilliant tutor. Our daughter absolutely loves her. As a tutor she's very good at adapting her lessons to suit our daughter's needs. If there are no specific needs for that week, Anna goes through what she feels will be of benefit. She makes the lessons fun and easy to understand. We would definitely recommend her!
Anna S. A Level English Literature tutor, GCSE English Literature tut...
Tutor: Anna S. English with Creative writing, Birmingham University

Nadeem (Parent) November 23 2017

Very professional, punctual, great attitude, very helpful and flexible tutor.
Jennifer P. A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, IB Biology tut...
Tutor: Jennifer P. Medicine, Cardiff University

Urshia (Parent) November 23 2017

Christopher B. GCSE Biology tutor, A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Chemis...
Tutor: Christopher B. Medicine, St. Andrews University

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