4.9from 15792 customer reviews

Jehan (Parent) January 24 2017

very good review overall
Tori M. A Level French tutor, 13 Plus  French tutor, GCSE French tuto...
Tutor: Tori M. French and Spanish, Exeter University

Henry (Student) January 24 2017

very helpful and allowed me to understand tough questions
Ross G. GCSE Maths tutor, A Level Maths tutor, GCSE Further Mathemati...
Tutor: Ross G. Mathematics, Durham University

Corrina (Parent) January 24 2017

taught very thougfhrly
Amy H. GCSE Biology tutor, A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Chemistry tuto...
Tutor: Amy H. Biological Sciences, Durham University

Jamie (Parent) January 24 2017

Helpful and polite
Thomas P. 13 Plus  Maths tutor, A Level Maths tutor, IB Maths tutor, ...
Tutor: Thomas P. Masters in Mathematics, Oxford, Oriel College University

Vanessa (Parent) January 24 2017

Very good use of past paper questions to engage the mind and review over the lesson and previous lessons beforehand. The lesson plans are fluid and easy to follow, and Megan's use of graphs along with oral explanation makes difficult subjects easier to grasp. Thank you Megan!
Megan G. A Level Biology tutor
Tutor: Megan G. Conservation Biology and Ecology, Exeter University

JILL (Parent) January 24 2017

Thank you Sam, My son finished his tutorial really positively. He feels that he is clearing up some of the problem areas, and says you explain things very clearly. Thanks again.
Sam W. GCSE Maths tutor
Tutor: Sam W. Mathematics, Durham University

Samuel (Student) January 24 2017

James is an excellent tutor and is very understanding when it comes to helping me get around a problem, I would certainly recommend him to others.
James B. GCSE Maths tutor, GCSE ICT tutor, GCSE Physics tutor
Tutor: James B. Management, Bristol University

James (Student) January 24 2017

Very helpful!
Katherine S. GCSE Economics tutor, A Level Economics tutor, GCSE Math...
Tutor: Katherine S. Economics, Warwick University

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