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Natalia (Parent) February 20 2017

This class was useful for me, I revised a past paper and He helped me to understand everything much better.
Charles B. GCSE Classical Civilisation tutor, GCSE Latin tutor, GCSE ...
Tutor: Charles B. Classics, Durham University

Saskia (Student) February 20 2017

Sarah is very good and informative. Over the tutorial I have improved in multiple areas of poetry analysis and we were able to cover 4 poems.
Sarah P. GCSE English Literature tutor, A Level English Literature tu...
Tutor: Sarah P. English Literature, Durham University

Natalia (Parent) February 20 2017

I enjoyed this class, I learnt some vocabulary and grammar. George always makes our classes more entertaining
George H. GCSE French tutor, GCSE German tutor, A Level Politics tutor
Tutor: George H. Languages and Contemporary European Studies, Southampton University

Natalia (Parent) February 20 2017

I really Enjoyed this class. I learnt a lot and she gave me great advices. I have the impression that I´m improving
Emma S. A Level English Literature tutor, Mentoring English tutor, GC...
Tutor: Emma S. English and Related Literature, York University

Bella (Parent) February 19 2017

very helpful and informative
Marek W. IB Biology tutor, IB Chemistry tutor, IB German tutor, Mento...
Tutor: Marek W. Biochemistry with German for Science, Imperial College London University

Christoper (Student) February 19 2017

A good session.
Ben S. A Level English Language tutor, GCSE English Language tutor, A...
Tutor: Ben S. Modern Languages, Oxford, St Hugh's College University

Aalana (Student) February 19 2017

very helpful and explain exam questions very well
Joe B. GCSE Maths tutor, A Level Maths tutor, GCSE Further Mathematic...
Tutor: Joe B. Mathematics G100, Bath University

Jung (Student) February 19 2017

The diagrams have really helped me as I am a visual learner - thank you!
Josh M. A Level Biology tutor, GCSE Biology tutor, GCSE Chemistry tut...
Tutor: Josh M. Biological Natural Sciences, Cambridge University

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