The latest from MyTutor: Our first Reps meeting, mental health resources & more✨

Posted 1st June 2021

Here’s your monthly update on all things MyTutor…

Mental Health Awareness Week 💛

Last week was Mental Health Awareness week, which is a great opportunity to check in with yourself and those around you. We understand the easing out of lockdown, preparing for uni exams and having a part-time job can stack up – so we have lots of resources for both you and your students, like managing uncertainty, wellbeing tips from a psychologist, fun ways to exercise, developing a healthy relationship with your studies and our top tips for looking after your mental health more generally.

We’ve also been crowdsourcing wellbeing tips and sharing our favourite mindful podcasts over on our Instagram, and held a giveaway where your fellow tutors Saad, Lucy, Hannah, Thomas and Mark won a LUSH treat to help them unwind 🧘

Our first Tutor Reps meeting 💬

On Wednesday we had our first official meeting with your Tutor Reps! As well as speaking on their own experiences, they also brought along the insights you shared with them in the Tutor Survey. Here’s what we spoke about…

Tutor Pay 💸

We’re currently reviewing tutor pay ahead of the next academic year, so this was a very timely agenda point! We chatted to your reps about pay on both the private and schools side of MyTutor, where they mentioned the feeling of unfairness around the proportions throughout price bands and on the schools programme, marking time fees, and perceived value of fees – like when things go wrong with the site, or when pupil behaviour makes school lessons particularly challenging. All of these insights (and any further ones from future sessions) will inform our tutor pay roadmap, which we’ll be in position to share with you in full towards the end of summer.

Resources and training 📚

Your reps also had some great ideas around creating a crowdsourced resource bank to help you prep for tutorials. We’re currently looking into where this would live, how content would be verified, and if there’ll be a sense of protectiveness over content that may prevent some tutors engaging with it – so we’ll be in touch with you all soon to do some more digging on what would be most useful.

Community building 🤝

Finally, your reps wanted to chat about providing more opportunities for you all to connect as a tutor community, and brought along some nice ideas for virtual ways to link up. You can expect to hear about the first initiative soon 👀

To get in touch with Shubham, Caps, Chey, Jake, Charlotte and Esme before next month’s session, you can head over to our Facebook Forum and mark the post with the hashtag #tutorreps.

Tutor of the Month✨

Each month we shine the spotlight on a great review. This month we’re shouting out Calvin!

“Calvin is really good at teaching and takes time to go over all aspects. He has helped my grandson so much to pick up a subject he’s never done before to now feel confident that he could get good marks in his tests. Which will allow him to follow his chosen career. Thank you so much Calvin for all your help. I would recommend him to any student trying to meet their target. Great job Calvin we will keep in touch” – Alison, Parent

…it could be you next time 👀

MyT’s Tutoring Tips 🎓

This month’s top tutoring tips come from Olivia, an English tutor on the platform. Check out her video all about how to keep your students engaged.

Want more advice on how to be an even better tutor? Head over to MyTutor Academy to take our training modules created by education specialists.

See you next month!

The MyTutor Team

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