We’re officially NTP partners!

Posted 2nd November 2020

You may have heard us mention the national tutoring programme just a little bit over the past few months 👂 Well the secret’s out – MyTutor has been selected as an approved NTP Tuition Partner!

What does it mean to be an NTP Tuition Partner? 📚

The National Tutoring Programme is a government-funded initiative that aims to subsidise high-quality tutoring to schools by 75%. This’ll give extra-help to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, who’ve had their education disrupted by school closures this year. Schools however can only choose from the NTP’s approved list of Tuition Partners, and we’re one of them.

How did MyTutor get to be one? 🤔

We took part in an application process that looked at a range of eligibility criteria. Our experience working in over 550 schools, and the history of what we’ve achieved here at MyTutor (which is in no small part thanks to you guys) helped us secure the bag.

So what does that mean for me? 💸

As well as heaps more 1:1 slots being available in the next few weeks, you’ll also have the chance to tutor groups of 3. That means more strings to your bow, and more money in your pocket. Not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling of helping school pupils that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a tutor like you.

Wait…groups of 3? ✏️

Yep – thanks to the success of our trial, we’ve decided to roll out 3:1 tuition permanently! Plus we’ve used your feedback to create extra support, new features in the lesson space, and training to get you feeling super confident in the (virtual) classroom.

What if I don’t teach in schools? 🍎

No need to get FOMO, as you still can. Most opportunities will be for core subjects, and you’ll need to apply for a DBS check and do a little extra training to be eligible.

Thank you all for being part of the journey that got us here – we couldn’t have achieved it without your hard work!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us on support@mytutor.co.uk or 0203 773 6024.

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