Solve 5x + 4 = 14 + x

This question is about rearranging the equation so that we have all the unknown values on one side, and all the known values on the other side.

To start, we want to put all the x values on one side, and all the known constants on the other side.

First, to get all the x values on one side, we must subtract x from both sides of the equation (so that the equation is still correct, you must remember to do everything to both sides!). Therefore we get 4x + 4 = 14.

Now we want the known constants on the right hand side of the equation, so we subtract 4 from both sides. Now we get 4x = 10.

Now to find x on its own, we divide both sides of the equation by 4. So we get the answer to be x = 2.5!

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6 months ago

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