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Learn a new language: book your child a MyTutor language session

Why should your child learn a new language? Why is practicing a language so important? What skills will it develop in your children? And how will it help their future? Read on to find out.

Learn a new language

Consider, for instance, Spanish. Spoken in over twenty countries, it’s the second most common worldwide. With Spanish in their back pocket, your children can explore Hispanic culture easily and work in any Spanish speaking around the world. There are 6,000 languages spoken worldwide, and we have so many tutors at MyTutor who would love to teach your child one of them! Take a look at our language tutors.

Meet new friends

One of the most exciting things about learning a new language is making new friends. With school exchanges, websites like PenPal World and InterPals, Skype, and social media, it’s increasingly easier to discover and keep in contact with friends from abroad.

Learning a language will allow your children to make friends with international friends at school and university. Not only could they make a friend for life, but meeting people from other countries means they’ll be able to travel safely and learn about new cultures!

Open up new experiences

‘The world is your oyster’ is never truer when it comes to learning a language. Why limit your children to experiences in one country when there are 195 countries to choose from?

Learning another language will allow your children to volunteer on charity schemes abroad:

  • The British Council and TEFL: teaching English as a foreign language in primary and secondary schools all around the world.
  • Workaway: working in another country in return for bed and board.
  • Erasmus: an international student exchange programme for studying abroad.

All of these schemes are also great for improving your child’s CVs; growing essential skills and developing personality traits that employers will look for throughout their future careers.

Learn a wide range of new skills

Not only will a MyTutor tutor test your children on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills but the topics they will cover include Politics, Sociology, Philosophy, Science, Religion, English, History, Business, and Geography. Not only does that make learning a language more varied, but the skills and knowledge they’ll gain will look incredibly impressive on any personal statement or CV and open up new job opportunities.

Learn about new cultures

Modern Languages is one of the most diverse, dynamic, and ever-changing subjects because it’s inextricably linked to modern culture. It will give your children the skills to be involved in international politics, current affairs, television, art, literature, music, film, science, fashion, and so on.

It’s good for your brain

Guess what – learning a foreign language can increase the size of your child’s brain. Learning a language is all about finding patterns, grammar rules, and words; remembering them, and then translating them into sentences that will make sense to other people. All of this improves intelligence, memory, and creativity.

Book your child into a language session with MyTutor and see them reap the benefits. Find our tutors here.

Written by Florianne H.

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