February half-term: pot of paintbrushes
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4 things to do during February half-term

Everyone let out a sigh – February half-term is finally approaching. Whilst you might be excited for a well-deserved break from the daily grind, you might also be racking your brains for ideas of things to do. Other than just lying horizontal and flicking through all the daytime TV channels, that is. Never fear – even if exams are looming, here are some ideas to make your week off that little bit more eventful!

Do something creative

Doing something creative can really get those brain juices flowing and help you feel ready to take more in when you do start work again. From playing an instrument, to trying out photography, to cracking out the sewing machine. Let your imagination run wild and let it all out. Feeling frustrated at a friend? Or stressed about exams? There’s nothing stopping you from going all Jackson Pollock and splattering paint on an old white sheet. Except maybe your mum.

Explore your nearest city

There’s probably a few towns within an hour of where you live that you haven’t really been to. Why not take the opportunity to explore your area a bit more? Your nearest city is sure to have countless museums, cafes, galleries and gig venues – or failing that, just take a stroll. Not a city person? Try a country walk instead. No matter if you wanna go to Swansea, Dewsbury or London you want to go, pick off-peak travel times you’ll be able to get around for cheaper too.

Spice up your revision

If you’re sitting important exams in the next few months, you’ve probably been reading this in a state of frenzy. “BUT WHAT ABOUT MY REVISION?!” I hear you shout. Well, firstly there’s nothing stopping you from exploring a new city with flashcards in hand.

If you really can’t bear the thought of leaving your desk for so long, why not just try out some fun new revision tactics? Depending on how far you go, this definitely counts as being creative, too. During my GCSE years I experimented with making dance routines about the nervous system, and songs about the Cuban Missile Crisis to the tune of Moves Like Jagger. And you know what? I still remember (almost) every word.


If you still only want to lie on the sofa watching daytime TV, that’s completely fine too. School, and uni, can be so much more tiring than you think! No matter how worried you are about exams, or how late you think you can stay up watching Netflix, remember how important it is to get enough sleep and to just stop to breathe every once in a while.

Anyway – after all that revision dancing you won’t have much energy for anything other than napping.

Written by Sophia M.

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