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The MyTutor Student Hall of Fame 2021

Every year at MyTutor, our tutors and students work together to make amazing things happen. Students realise their potential, become more confident in their studies and often do major turnarounds when it comes to their grades.

We know it, you know it – our tutors are awesome (you can see just a glimpse of the impact our tutors have in our Tutor Awards winners). But let’s not forget the ones who knuckle down, face their academic fears and achieve things they never thought they could – MyTutor students!

The last two academic years have been the most disrupted since World War Two (not to sound dramatic), and school students everywhere have taken on the challenges of studying during lockdowns, sharing devices with siblings and revising, all during a national crisis. We couldn’t be prouder of all of our students – and neither could their tutors. To celebrate some of the truly inspiring efforts shown by MyTutor students, we asked our tutors to nominate them for our MyTutor Student Wall of Fame. Close to 300 tutors came forward to sing their students’ praises, which gave us the tricky job of narrowing them down just 15 of the most inspiring entries.

Now, grab your tissues and prepare to get emotional, as you read which students made it to the wall, and what their tutors had to say about them (click the image below to see it full size).

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