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An update from MyTutor | Stress Awareness Month and school slot changes

It’s been a busy April at MyTutor! We shone a spotlight on Stress Awareness Month (and gave 5 lucky tutors a self care package in the process), and  acknowledged Autism Awareness Month with some tutoring tips and ways to avoid stereotyping as told by Nirel, an autistic tutor on the platform. Here’s what else we’ve been up to…

We’ve changed how we allocate school slots 🏫
From the 3rd of May, we’ll be allocating school opportunities based on your reliability, whether you’re boosting or not, and your availability. With this change also comes the removal of slot allowances – meaning no limit on the number of recurring slots you can accept! 

This will allow us to reward our most reliable tutors for their hard work, and be more transparent with you about how opportunities are allocated (and how you can get access to more)! Check out our FAQs for more info.

Updates to the platform 🔧
Our Tech team have been working hard this month to provide you with some great new updates. You can now upload multiple files to the lesson space at the same time, speeding up the process of setting up your tutorials. We’ve also fixed the highlighting tool that was preventing you from highlighting seamlessly over an imported document. A big thanks to your Tutor Reps for pushing your ideas through! On the private side, we’ve created a template so when our matching team sends you a request, it covers all the key bits of info you need.

Come to our first Tutor Town Hall 🏛️
This one’s been requested for a while! On the 17th of May we’re giving you the chance to speak directly to our Head of Tutors, Senior Product Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, and General Manager of the Schools Programme.

During this webinar you’ll have your burning questions answered – and you can start submitting and upvoting them here. Stay tuned for more info on how to attend.

Keeping your camera on 📷
It’s really important to keep your camera and mic on when you’re delivering lessons. As well as keeping lessons engaging, it’s a crucial way for us to keep on top of safeguarding. That’s why moving forwards, you’ll hear from us if we notice your camera or microphone aren’t on during lessons. We’ve solved the tech issues that may have prevented you from using your camera and microphone in the past so, if you’re still having trouble, look here for some tips on how to solve, or just drop us a line to let us know.

How to enforce a cancellation policy🧑‍⚖️
On the private side of MyTutor, refunding a last minute cancellation or rescheduling a lesson at short notice can be a great goodwill gesture if it’s the first time a parent has requested it, or if you have a longstanding relationship with them. But we appreciate that if you are trying to enforce a policy, it can be a difficult conversation to navigate. Thanks to your Tutor Reps, we’ve created a template for you to share with parents or students if that situation arises.

Catch you in May!


The MyTutor Team

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us on or 0203 773 6024.

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