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How does binocular vision help people judge distances?

Monocular vision (1 eye): Allows us to see 2D images in motionSuitable for short distances but not for long
Binocular vision (2 eyes): Allows for depth perception through something called stereopsis (combining the image from each eye) --> 3D image There are 2 main aspects working together to achieve this: Convergence and Disparity Convergence - when objects are close, eyes move to the centre (cross-eyed), the more the eye muscles are strained, the closer the object is Disparity - Distance between eyes is approx. 6cm so each eye sees slightly different image - the brain puts these together into one image
The more similar the image in each eye, the further away the image is
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Aanchal G.

Answered by Aanchal, Biology tutor with MyTutor


How is the theme of death presented in Hamlet?

Hamlet - shows his cowardiceUses hyperbole to exaggerate and justify his actionsPolonius - His death presented as a nuisance; signifies social prejudices Gertrude - tragic hero Ophelia - result of her madness; conveyed as a female flaw (childlike) Shows the discrimination towards women Laertes (and Hamlet) - tragic hero; died in honour of their father King Hamlet - figure elevated as a ghost; stimulated by the scene of his death mirroring the Garden of EdenClaudius acts as the serpent; his greed and lust epitomizes temptation Gertrude- act of defiance against patriarchy
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Grace R.

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Do what extent can Aeneas be considered an 'epic' hero?

Aeneas can be considered an epic hero through multiple factors. One of the most important factors to consider is his relationship to the gods.Evidence for his relationship with the gods is most prominent in the final book of the Aeneid, as his mother Venus not only heals him when he is fatally wounded, but also frees his weapon when it becomes lodged in a tree stump. This is an important factor which shows his epic status as his semi divine lineage shows the connection to power and aid Aeneas will always have. Thus, this ultimately shows how epic he is due to the willingness the gods show in helping him.
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Eve B.

Answered by Eve, Classical Civilisation tutor with MyTutor

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Discuss either the social, biological or cognitive aetiologies of Major Depressive Disorder? Use relevant literature

Major depressive disorder is diagnosed b
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Grace N.

Answered by Grace, Psychology tutor with MyTutor


1. factorise x^2 - 9 Level 6 KS3, 2. Rearrange a (q-c) = d to make q the subject

1.Here the first task in this is to be able to identify the form of this quadratic polynomiala^2 - b^2This format is called the difference between two squares When you get told to factorise in this form? You must simply arrange it into this form.(a-b)(a+b)the coefficients of x , simply amount to zero ( ba - ba =0) A good way to check your answer is to simply expand the brackets, doing the opposite of factorisation2a/a (q-c) = d/a q-c = d/a d/a + c = q
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Devante O.

Answered by Devante, Maths tutor with MyTutor


How do I make y the subject of an equation? For example in 9x = 3x + 2y.

There are several ways we can rearrange algebraic formulae in order to change the subject. Changing the subject basically means changing the variable (letter) that we are trying to find out, so getting the letter on its own on the other side of the equals sign. In this case we want y on its own. One way we can do this is by balancing both sides of the equation, remember whatever we do to one side of the equal sign, we have to do to the other.As we are trying to get y on its own on the right hand side, let's try and get rid of the term on the right that doesn't have y in it. This term is a positive 3x. If we have +3x on the right side, how could we get rid of it (make this =0)? We could subtract 3x. Remember, whatever we do to one side we do to the other to make sure our equation is balanced. So we have to subtract 3x from the left hand side as well, now we have 6x = 2y. We want y on its own, but there is a 2 in front of it, what does this mean? This means 2 multiplied by y. If we have multiplied y by 2, how could we get back to our original y? We would have to do the opposite and divide by 2. If we divide 2y by 2 to get y, we have to do the same to the left hand side and divide that by 2. This gives us 3x = y, which is the same as y = 3x. Now we have made y the subject of our equation.
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Abbie J.

Answered by Abbie, Maths tutor with MyTutor


How can I get a high mark in the essay for the writing section?

Here are just a few general tips to produce a strong essay. --- Read the question a few times before starting and make sure you understand what it is asking and how to best answer it - underlining key words is very helpful and as you write the essay, always return to the question to make sure your answer is consistently relevant and not moving away from the set question. --- Making a plan before starting is always a good idea; although you might feel pressed for time and therefore want to get started with the essay as quickly as possible, dedicating just 3 to 5 minutes at the beginning to brainstorming ideas and making a rough plan will save you time and effort along the line, as you know where you are going with your answer and you won't risk feeling lost in the structure or running out of points to make. --- Make sure you have a solid and organized structure and that you are using markers (such as "d'abord", "premièrement", "ensuite" etc) as they help delineate each paragraph and make the structure as clear as possible. --- Try to memorise some direct quotations from the film/book or from things the director/author has said in interviews, for example - however, make sure that if and when you use these quotations, they are relevant to the point you are making and they are actually strengthening your argument, rather than just trying to show off to the examiner that you memorised quotations. --- Always keep an eye on the clock! Time management can be what makes or breaks your essay. It comes with past paper practice and being strict with yourself - if you know you can't spend more than a certain amount of time on a specific paragraph, don't give yourself too much leeway and move onto the next section promptly (this also applies to the rest of your paper, as you should only be dedicating so much time to each answer!). You might be making a very valid point in the essay, but don't spend too long on it because once you have made the point and given evidence from the film or book, the examiner should give you the mark so there's no point in explaining things in too much depth if, in that time, you could be making another point and scoring another mark. --- Don't fall into the trap of narrating rather than analyzing! You don't need to retell the plot - the examiner knows exactly what happens in the work you are writing about. They are interested in your analysis and the way in which you extrapolate and manipulate information from the film or book so as to directly and relevantly answer the question.
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Lisa B.

Answered by Lisa, French tutor with MyTutor


I’m struggling to understand the significance of context in An Inspector Calls. How do I write about context in my essay?

To gain your AO3 marks in a GCSE English exam, you must show your understanding of the context in which the text was written. To understand the established context of a piece of literature you need to answer the following questions: Who wrote the text? Why was it written? Who did they write it for? If the exam were to ask, “How does Priestly use the Inspector to present his ideas about collective responsibility?” then you need to frame your answer around the play’s cultural and historical relevance. In your introduction, you should establish that the play was first staged in 1945 but is set in 1912. Therefore, the Priestley is writing with hindsight, which allows for dramatic irony for the audience. During the World Wars, Britain was in crisis and so societal expectations shifted because everybody pulled together to do their part. Women did jobs previously only expected of men, and class divisions no longer dictated who was able to fill certain roles; collective responsibility became essential. In post-war Britain, Priestley hoped that society would maintain this egalitarian structure – An Inspector Calls reflects this. You can describe Priestley’s play as didactic; it holds a moral lesson for the audience. In this case, Priestley’s socialist ideas about collective responsibility are embodied by the character Inspector Goole. Goole acts as a mouthpiece for Priestley. The Inspector criticises the Birling family’s lack of regard for others, particularly those of lower status; in this case Daisy Renton/Eva Smith. Once you have established context and Priestley’s intent, the rest of the essay should analyse the literary devices that Priestley uses to present his ideas. Here is an example paragraph: Inspector Goole’s final speech in An Inspector Calls reiterates Priestley’s message to his audience. It reinforces Priestley’s critique of class division and the theme of collective responsibility. He says, "There are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us.” The hyperbole used through the phrase ‘millions and millions’ emphasises the scale of those affected by the individual’s actions. The use of the collective pronoun ‘us’, highlights the idea of collective responsibility, because it addresses both the speaker, the other characters and the audience. Through Goole, Priestley explains how every individual should be aware of their privilege and be held accountable for their actions. Your answer should follow the PEA structure (Point, Evidence, Analysis); establish the play’s intent, prove your argument through the use of embedded quotes, do a literary analysis of the quotes and then reiterate the original point. Link your argument back to contextual understanding throughout.
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Bronte K.

Answered by Bronte, English Literature tutor with MyTutor

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