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How to help your dyslexic teen do their best in exams

Today it’s thought that 1 in 10 people suffer from dyslexia. When a dyslexic child hits their teens, and therefore exams, it’s normally an extra challenge for them to keep up with their peers (who are also being pushed) while...

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Teen Mental Health - A Guide for Parents

1 month ago

Your child’s teenage years are an exciting time, but they can be tricky too. With ho...

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Helping your child choose their A levels

3 months ago

When your child comes to choose their A Levels, it’s an exciting time for them a...

Choosing your A levels

Maths GCSE 101: Exam boards, mark schemes, key dates and everything else you need to know

4 months ago

When your child started their GCSEs, you might’ve thought that all kids take learn t...

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How post-exam stress follows people through life - and why it doesn’t have to

6 months ago

With school exam results days all past now, kids will be getting ready for their next ...

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Why these parents chose Summer tutoring for their teens

With exams over and the Summer holidays fast-approaching, you might be thinking about ...

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#GCSEs2019 - the highs, the lows and what teens had to say

GCSEs are over for 2019, and your teen will be enjoying their new-found freedom from r...

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How to boost your teen's confidence during exams

After months of learning and weeks of revision, your teen’s exams are underway. ...

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5 Secret Studying Tips to Help Your Teen

In the final lead-up to exams, your child’s teachers will be focussing on revision a...

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Stressed out UK parents are cancelling holidays to deal with exam pressure

As national exams creep up on teens, the Easter holidays should present a chance for f...

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